• Brush wire
  • Carding wire for the textile industry
  • Fine cord for timing belts
  • Hoisting cables for cranes
  • Spring wire
  • Shaped wire
  • Hose wire
  • etc.

Bekaert developed Syncrocord®, a comprehensive product family of steel cords to reinforce synchronous belts. They all offer a unique combination of outstanding processability and reliable belt performance. Their distinctive properties determine the flexibility, accuracy, lifetime and power transmission the timing belt needs.

Machine builders and operators employ a selection of our specialized wire products for components. As Bekaert builds its own proprietary machinery, we know exactly what it means to make high-performance equipment, thus allowing a manufacturing company to produce goods with a focus on operational excellence.

At Bekaert, improving processes is always on our minds.

The overall non-sector dedicated industry to which we supply our materials and components is characterized by a demand for higher quality output at a lower total cost of ownership. In the textile industry Bekaert offers customers wires for carding and for the heddles and springs of Jacquard looms. Our fasteners, spring wire, timing belt cords and brush wire are merely a few examples of product groups in which our know-how has made us the preferred partner of a large and diverse customer base.

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