• Dramix® and Dramix® Green steel fibers for concrete reinforcement
  • Murfor® and Brickforce® masonry reinforcement
  • Stucanet® plaster lath
  • Mesh Track® for road reinforcement
  • Bitufor®
  • Wires and cables for hoisting applications and lifts
  • Gas burners and heat exchangers
  • Cable wire for bridges
  • Cables for motorway median barriers
  • Wire for fencing products
  • Gabions for erosion and rockfall protection
  • Welded mesh
  • Window film
  • Nails and annealed wire
  • etc. 

 Green Application

The construction sector accounts for 18% of Bekaert’s sales. The list of different applications for which our wire, mesh and innovative fiber products are used is as long as it is diverse: in roads and bridges, tunnels and mines, in architectural and landscaping solutions, concrete reinforcement, etc.

On 15 October 2010 engineers have drilled through the last remaining rock to create the world's largest tunnel under the Swiss Alps. The 57 km Gotthard rail tunnel has taken 14 years to build. The tunnel is reinforced with Bekaert's Dramix® steel fibers for shotcrete applications.

We supply traditional building products such as nails, nail wire, prestressed concrete strands and wires, plaster laths, corner protection and masonry reinforcement. And we produce more advanced products like Dramix® fibers for concrete reinforcement, cables and wires for hoisting applications and elevators, and guide rail cables that increase safety on the highways.

The new building for the administrative services of the state of Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte, Brazil is hung from 1 080 plastic-coated, prestressed concrete strands from Bekaert. The two other administrative buildings integrate Bekaert Murfor® reinforced masonry

Bekaert offers a product portfolio ranging from the smallest nail to the largest fence, always with a sharp focus on sustainability, cost-efficiency and minimum impact on the environment.


In the emerging markets, general contractors and other parties in the value chain have, just like Bekaert, established a strong local presence. Companies that represent a major share of our customer portfolio are building new plants or are investing in local offices, driven by the demand for housing and infrastructure.

In the mature markets, contractors seek global market diversification, while Bekaert has the ability to serve them wherever they are looking for possibilities to expand their businesses.

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