Basic Materials

Basic Materials


  • Cords and woven materials for conveyor belts
  • Shovel ropes for mining applications
  • Hot gas filtration media
  • Polymer filtration media
  • Paper-drying systems
  • Sputter targets & hardware for the glass industry
  • Heat-resistant separation materials
  • Fibers for protective clothing
  • etc. 

 Green Application 

Bekaert gas filtration media, elements and systems are used for product and catalyst recovery, the cleansing of process gases, the purification of process gas streams and for emission control.

Bekaert’s products for the production or exploration of basic materials add value at different stages of the value chain of coal, metals, glass, pulp and paper, chemicals and textiles.

For example, we provide cords and wefts for conveyor belts for diverse industries or filter media for the production of synthetic fibers and films. In the glass industry, we are a trendsetter with our sputter hardware and rotating targets.

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