• Biodegradable wire
  • Tensioning wire for plant support and binding
  • Vineyard wire
  • Fencing products
  • Barbed wire
  • Spiral wire for the livestock feed industry
  • Wire for fish farming cages and oyster breeding
  • Wire for fishing ropes for industrial fishing
  • etc. 

Green Application

Bekaert offers a broad range of wires in terms of diameters and grades for industrial fishing. Our wires offer excellent corrosion resistance thanks to galvanized and Bezinal® coated rope wires.

Agriculture is another important sector for Bekaert. Bekaert provides innovative solutions that facilitate the growing of crops, the raising of cattle, and the farming of fish and oysters.


Through our global footprint and our mix of trading and manufacturing, we can offer our customers total packages. An example? Through Prodalam in Chile, Bekaert offers more than just vineyard wire. We provide an answer to all of the sector’s requirements: wires, posts, fencing, tools, shading, joining and tensioning devices. This has greatly increased sales and turned the one-stop-shop service approach to our customers into a reality.


Vineyards and other fruit and vegetable growers around the world rely on our wire for training their vines, especially the recently developed biodegradable version of our Bekaert wire.

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